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Brain Anatomy Diagram

The National Library of Medicine uses the next illustration (image links to source) in the MedlinePlus Dictionary. The image reminds me of a subway route diagram in that it illustrates only two dimensions. Although extremely helpful in finding your way around, it lacks depth and detail. For example, the illustration does not convey that the brain's cortex includes both a left and right hemisphere and that both the left and right cortical areas overlay recessed nuclei which have evolved as mirror-image structures in each side of the brain. Regarding recessed nuclei, as an example, MedlinePlus defines the centrally-located thalamus (below, labeled 5) as "an ovoid mass of nuclei in each lateral wall of the third ventricle… (emphasis added)." A ventricle is a kind of connecting cavity within the brain that is "continuous with the central canal of the spinal cord."

brain lobes - frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital

Frontal, Parietal, Temporal And Occipital Lobes Of Human Brain


Corpora human brain anatomy: quadrigemina cerebral aqueduct peduncle cerebellum lobe corpus callosum


brain anatomy diagram

Brain Anatomy Diagram

Forebrain or prosencephalon structures include
the 1) cerebral hemisphere or neocortex,
2) corpus callosum,
3) ventricle,
4) fornix,
5) thalamus,
and 6) pituitary.

The midbrain or mesencephalon is labeled 11.

The fully developed hindbrain or rhombencephalon is represented by structures
7) the pons,
8) the medulla oblongata, and
10) the cerebellum.

The term brain stem refers to structures
7) the pons,
8) the medulla oblongata,
and 11) the midbrain.

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