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Researchers use gene therapy to help restore hearing in mice down to the equivalent of being able to hear a whisper.
Source: Boston Children’s Hospital.
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Exposure to phobic images without conscious awareness appears to produce more effective results than conscious exposure when it comes to helping people reduce their fear, a new study reports.
Source: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.
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A newly discovered retinal cell may cause myopia when it dysfunctions, researchers report.
Source: Northwestern University.
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Researchers report on the importance of thyroid hormones in the development of the cerebellum.
Source: KU Leuven.

NeuroChemistry & Drug Transport

Psychiatry - Diagnosis & Classification

The blood brain barrier (BBB) is a selectively permeable cellular boundary between the brain and the peripheral circulation. The principal component of the BBB is the capillary or micro‐ vessel endothelial cell.

Homeostasis & Acetylcholine-Receptors

Brain Anatomy - Human Brain Development - cortical brain

Cytosolic calcium plays a major and central role in neuronal activity and functions both in brain and in peripheral nervous systems, and its sustained alteration is a critical event that leads to neuronal death. .....full story

Neurochemical Communication & Microdialysis


The brain is equipped with a magnificent diversity of molecules that allow neurons to communicate with each other. Some of these molecules have been known to function as neurotransmitters for several decades such as GABA and glutamate while for others their involvement in brain signaling has been demonstrated more recently.....full story

Neural Cells & Alzheimer Disease


Amyloid is a term for the build-up of protein deposits or plaques in the body. Thus amyloid are extracellular insoluble fibrous protein aggregates. One characteristic is that these fibrils acquire β-sheet structure. .... full story

Comprehension & Knowledge Representation


Among neurodegenerative diseases, dementias are an heterogeneous group in terms of their symptoms and pathological findings. One of the main risk factors for developing neurodege‐ nerative disease is aging.... full story

NeuroChemistry - Innate Behavior, Grooming, OCD, and Tourette Syndrome

Part 3, "Innate Behavior, Grooming, OCD and Tourette Syndrome" focuses on the etiology, neurocircuitry, and treatment of obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders including Tourette syndrome and grooming compulsions such as dermatillomania and trichotillomania.

Image Of The Week

gut bacteria may play a role in alzheimers To clarify the link between intestinal flora and the occurrence of the disease, the researchers transferred intestinal bacteria from diseased mice to germ-free mice, and discovered that the mice developed more beta-amyloid plaques in the brain compared to if they had received bacteria from healthy mice. image is for illustrative purposes only.